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10 Most Popular Projects Presented in January 2012

February 8, 2012   4:09 AM    
10 Most Popular Projects Presented in January 2012


The first month of 2012 did not lack pleasant design surprises. As a result, we gathered an impressive list of projects, each of them worth re-analyzing in detail. However, this post will is all about your opinion, so without any further ado, here are the 10 most popular posts presented by Freshome, according to your Facebook shares.Remember that by clicking on the pictures, you can see more photos and details about each project.

#1 . In at number one, we have the opulent Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort , located in the beautiful Maldives. This new holiday destination consists of 91 villas and suites, each offering a private pool, direct beach and lagoon access plus a private massage room.

#2. Nestled on a hill near Bali’s Valley of the Kings, Viceroy Bali Resort&Spa offers accommodation units that combine comfort and privacy. The 25 villas of the resort are integrated within this scenic landscape, allowing each of the guests here to enjoy exquisite views from the comfort of their cottage-like dwelling.

#3 . If you ever wanted to see a genuine Italian villa made modern without its authenticity being negatively influenced, we found an example. Nestled in a beautiful landscape in the region of Uguria, Spinaltermine Villa is a private residence near the Castello di Reschio estate, at the border with Tuscany. This picturesque mansion features four bedrooms in the main building, and an extra guest house with one bedroom. Have a look!

#4. If futuristic digital designs are you thing, then have a look at this latest gizmo presented by Samsung at the CES trade show in Las Vegas . This new type of window is in fact a transparent touchscreen that will allow you to check out the weather outside while staying in touch with all your favorite websites. Samsung digital window can be installed wherever the user wishes: in the kitchen, to check out various recipes, in the bedroom, for early news in the morning or in the hallway, instead of a regular window.

#5. You see your friends on Facebook, you chat on Facebook, why not also eat and sleep on Facebook? This is probably what Croatian designer Tomislav Zvonarić of DevianTom had in mind when creating this unusual bed. FBed concept is shaped like the logo of the worldwide famous social network and I believe I even see some “like” buttons on the small pillow and sheets there. Crazy or doable?

#6. These next amazing intricate details created by Amsterdam-based artist Ingrid Siliakus have been gathered under the name “ Paper Architecture “. Miniature architectural details rise from thin folds of paper to shape three-dimensional artistic pieces. All those windows, corners and rooftops were designed to fit within a frame that imitates skylines and casts interesting shadows.

#7. When people hear the Italian word Vespa, it is instantly associated with Piaggio scooters. The word actually means “wasp” and was used by Enrico Piaggio for his scooters when they first appeared in 1942, because of their appearance and the buzzing noise that the two stroke engine created. By turning this 1968 vespa into a work station, its fate was sealed in an original, practical way.

#8 . Steve Wheen is the artistic mind behind a great blog entitled the pothole gardener .  It is here that he uploads pictures of various miniature gardens he develops around east London. The projects of the guerrilla gardener are original and diverse, offering a cheerful alternative to the otherwise sad state of some East London streets.

#9. Ever thought about building a home dark on the outside and filled with light on the inside? The Lake House is a perfect example of how these two elements can be successfully joined to shape a fantastic contemporary residential building. Just click the photo for more details.

#10. This impressive penthouse in San Francisco can be defined by color, inspirational interior design and luxury. The generous apartment has a total surface of 3,879 square feet and occupies the entire 21st floor of a beautiful Art Deco building.

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